Saturday, January 17, 2009

IPC Instant Cash Review

IPC Instant Cash is the sister program to the highly successful Independent Profit Center Program. IPC Instant Cash was launched in early November. In prelaunch trial testing IPC Instant Cash performed beyond the expectations of CEO Dan Miller. In a pay-per-click campaign on Google, IPC Instant Cash gathered 70 sales, with the understanding that the official launch wouldn't be until early November. The pricepoint for IPC Instant Cash is set at a highly responsive $97.00.

Why Was IPC Instant Cash Such A Hit In The Google Prelaunch Advertising Campaign?

This is explained very thoroughly in the IPC Instant Cash Free Report which can be accessed and downloaded from the IPC Instant Cash website for full detailing and review of this opportunity. The long and short explanation for the IPC Instant Cash prelaunch success is because.....

IPC Instant Cash Is A Complete System

You are given a complete system with the IPC Instant Cash program right from the start that almost guarantees your success with our program.

Your are set up immediately with your own online business that is proven to pull in sale after sale. There are three areas involved with our progrma to allow this to happen.

IPC Instant Cash products included some software that would actually benefit people in there marketing efforts online. The entry level is low enough that most people could easily afford to purchase the products (which makes IPC Instant Cash VERY easy to promote) and the payments go directly to the person making the sale with no qualifying requirements. So all a person would need to do was make 1 sale to almost break even.

Most direct pay programs, like those that I mentioned earlier, are set up with replicated sites for you to promote. So every ad you run drives traffic to the companies site (with the promoter's id tagged to it), thereby building up the programs reputation, alexa ranking, google rankings etc.

Actually the training is so powerful that Dan put up a $5,000 cash reward that he will give to anyone who can prove that his system does not produce real results. Just visit my IPC Instant Cash site for details.

Capitalizing on the success of IPC, Dan Miller has created an exceptional off shoot of the IPC name. Using his techniques and taking advantage of his marketing expertise, members will have the ability to make thousands of extra dollars per month with IPC Instant Cash, the profit potential only growing week after week. With it's affordable price point, support, high customer conversion rates, and the outstanding new compensation plan, IPC Instant Cash is a great opportunity for anyone looking make some quick cash as well as long term residual income.

Make your choice...

Make Real Cash - With A System That Works!

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Friday, December 19, 2008

Why IPC Instant Cash is not a scam.

The IPC Instant Cash program allows people to join a great home based business for less than $100.00!

The products are great, there is training in the back office and everything is simple to set up.

You have the option to pay extra to have your IPC Instant Cash website hosted on your own server. Or you can do what I did, and use the company issued affiliate link which is provided for you at no extra charge.

This is an affiliate program. If you choose to refer other people to IPC Instant Cash, you will earn $60 for every person who signs up from your affiliate website. But this is where the fun begins...

You do not have to take my word for it... being that I know how to Market online, I will make sales with a minimal effort on my part. But the question is will you? More than likely the answer is no.

The IPC Instant Cash Program or IPC, is a legitimate online business that offers software and memberships for sale. The program is really affordable, not costing thousands to set up and is fun to work with. With the IPC Instant Cash Program you have a couple of options.

Once you become a member you will be set up with the software and a website. In your back office is "LIVE" training and videos that show you how to set everything up in less than an 2 hours.

With the online training that is given to you, you will be able to market the IPC Instant Cash Program through your website that is given to you, and sell the software package and retain all profits.

The IPC Instant Cash Program is designed to let everyone produce a high income and is a proven business model that does not allow people to fail.

This system is not a scam and there are plenty of reviews of people who have succeeded in securing a large monthly income from the IPC Program. It is the best program for those wishing to learn and earn money from internet marketing.

Attend one of our free live webinars to learn more about the IPC Instant Cash Program. The webinars are held 3 times a week.

Get your free report showing you exactly how the IPC Instant Cash Program works and how you can start reveiving money within 48 hours with the IPC Program.

See why people are choosing the IPC Instant Cash Program today.

In conclusion a scam can be interpreted in different ways, but I have always interpreted a scam as simply "Paying for a product or service, but not receiving that product or service and that product or service never existed".

The IPC Program (Independent Profit Center, IPC Instant Cash) is not this way. When a person makes their payments, they immediately receive access to the software (downloadable) and training (audios and videos) pages. All payments are deposited directly to the seller's payment processor.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

IPC Instant Cash - Massive Overrides Build Your Account!

Sick of programs that don't work and rob you of thousands?

Who isn't!

If you're tired of the hype and scams, then you've got to see this.

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A program that actually works, that anyone can afford and can put some serious cash in your hands right away!

By the way, you also receive overrides which means your account will only continue to grow!

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Monday, December 15, 2008

Earn Extra Money Online With IPC Instant Cash Program

I have finally found a great program to learn ways to earn extra money online while creating an income that grows fast.
IPC Instant Cash helped me finally understand what I was doing wrong, and know what to do to get results.

There are tons of ways to earn extra money online with IPC Instant Cash including plenty of free and payed techniques like... Free classifieds, Crosslinking techniques for SEO traffic, Using articles with keywords to increase SEO rankings,Using videos to drive traffic to your website,
Crosslinking your articles and videos to your blog, PPC marketing the right way, not the expensive way, Creating sales through solo advertising, Generating traffic through massive email campaigns by the way of opt-ins and safelists, Creating massive sales with one simple magazine classified ad, Using banner ads to drive traffic, & simple forum signatures that drive immediate traffic. These are all great ways to earn extra money with any online bussines.

How it works:
Your first sale pays you $60 immediately!
This new opportunity has a brand new staggered 3-up pay plan that starts by paying you $60 for your very first sale!
You get paid for sales immediately into your AlertPay or LinkPoint accounts.

Here's how the staggered 3-up payplan works:

First sale you make: $60 goes to you.
Second sale you make: $60 goes to your sponsor
Third sale you make: $60 goes to you
Forth sale you make: $60 goes to your sponsor
Fifth sale you make: $60 goes to you
Sixth sale you make: $60 goes to your sponsor

And every $60 sale you make after that GOES TO YOU!
You also get every second, forth, and sixth sale from each person that you personally sponsor!
The site has over 5 hours of video training to help you get started easily. Oh and the cost? Just $97 ONE TIME! No monthly or recurring fees!
So what do you get for your $97? Besides over 5 hours of quality marketing training, you also get over $1000 worth of software titles!
By the way, they also offer a $5000 cash reward for anyone who can prove that their system doesn't produce real results!
Seeing as how this one just got started, you definitely want to jump aboard this one, especially since you can make an immediate $60 right from your very first sale!

Click HERE to sign up and get started right away!

Making Money With IPC Instant Cash

A good way for a "newbie" or beginner marketer to start out is with a direct pay sales program.
One such program many are finding success with is called Independent Profit Center Instant Cash.
Allow me to explain. IPC Instant Cash is both a comprehensive marketing software package, as well as a sales program.
IPC Instant Cash costs a mere $97.00, far less than other programs of this nature with the same earnings potential.
With the program, you receive a collection of marketing tools that help any marketer improve and maximize their online efforts.
Everything from article submitters to handy adwriting software is included. Worth many times its purchase price, the software included with the program is a goldmine to anyone looking to promote online.

In November of 2008 "IPC Instant Cash" was launched!
Within just minutes people worlwide were joining, and other top-notch online marketers were scrambling to get the word out.

Making money online is not hard to accomplish!
You just need to know what to do, and a system that works!

That is exactly what Dan Miller did when he set out to develope "IPC Instant Cash." He even went one step further by offering
the first online system with an amazing $5000.00 cash reward!

No other program even compares to IPC Instant Cash.
They're not even close! This program is easy to follow, proven and affordable allowing anyone to create an income online.

Anyone interested in creating a viable, long term passive income from online marketing should look into the IPC Instant Cash program and see how it can benefit them.

For more information about the Independent Profit Center Instant Cash program, click here:

Make Real Cash - With A System That Works!